White Fox Double Mint - Expert Review

White Fox is a popular line of nicotine pouches made by GN Tobacco. GN Tobacco is the maker of popular snus products such as Oden’s and Siberia, but expanded into nicotine pouches with White Fox! This one, White Fox Double Mint, is a best seller here on SnusDirect.eu! If you’re not familiar with the White Fox line, the brand launched in 2019 and has become one of the most popular ones out there. The original one, White Fox Blue, is incredibly popular, but this is one with a more interesting/unique flavor, I would say. White Fox Double Mint still has a refreshing mint flavor, but has an interesting twist on it compared to other more straightforward mint products on the market. So, without further ado, let’s get to know this one better!

Product Specifics:

Opening up the can, the mint aroma that comes through is quite refreshing! At first, I notice a smooth aroma of peppermint. Right behind it, I pick up a little menthol mixing in. There’s some sweetness to this one, but it isn’t overly sweet by any means. The pouches are a little smaller in length than the average slim portion, but not too short. They have a slim size, and fit comfortable under the lip. The portion material is soft to the touch, and comfortable under the gums. Being a mint product, I get a nice, fresh cooling sensation in the lip and throughout the mouth with this one that makes it even more refreshing in the overall experience.

white fox

The flavor profile is a pretty nice character of mint. The peppermint and menthol mix well together, and come across in a gentle way. I notice more peppermint than menthol, but it’s pretty well balanced all in all. I notice a little sweetness to it, but it’s not overtly sweet by any means.

The nicotine on this one feels a little above the regular level, but not too overbearing. In the flavor longevity, I find this one to hang out for about 40-45 minutes, on average.

Wrap-Up & Recommendation:

The White Fox line has really grown a lot in popularity since it launched. It may not have a lot of flavors to it, but the ones it has are pretty popular, and enjoyed amongst mint consumers. This one, Double Mint, has a unique twist on the mint flavor profile. If you want a more interesting experience in the world of mint, this may be one you’re looking for.

Snubie’s Opinion:

I this one. I like that the flavor is different from others out there. The mixing of mints really makes this one stand out compared to other more straightforward mint products out there. If you’re looking for a more unique experience, you’ll definitely like this one.